Michael Harding column in the Irish Times

I’m in India at the moment, hoping Ayurvedic therapies might help my Parkinson’s. But more therapeutic than anything is how good it did my spirit to read Michael Harding’s column in today’s Irish Times. How could it not do me a world of good to read someone saying such things about my music: “… listening to the accordion music of McMahon could allow a man to live with his own loneliness. I remember concerts where his music dissolved the world for me, into a kind of liquid consciousness, as the entire audience leaned in towards the musician, like Travellers at a fire that radiates a powerful heat.”

Michael wouldn’t realise it but I am currently recollecting in the memoir I’m writing what a powerful influence certain travelling musicians had on me at a young age in Ennis. I am still to this day feeling that heat, and am honoured to have my music connected with their culture.

You can read Michael’s column here https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/michael-harding-a-man-in-the-corner-had-tears-in-his-eyes-for-some-reason-1.1995074


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